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UPK Lottery Information

UPK Lottery: 2024-25 School Year

The Universal Pre-K Lottery provides a fair and transparent system designed to ensure equal access to high-quality pre-kindergarten education for all children. 

24-25 Results: 

UPK number drawing

Please note that the numbers are read left to right.  The first numbers highlighted have first right of refusal for the UPK five-hour program.  However, if you requested a half-day program as your first choice, you will be placed in a half-day program. Please note that twins are assigned the same number (red), so that number technically represents two seats for the program they are selected for.  The number highlighted in green represents (triplets). There are 72 seats available for five hour programs within the district. There are 108 seats available for half day programs. Parents may still register their child should they like to be put on the waiting list for the half day programs. 

Within the next ten days, Parents will receive an email, as well as, paper copies of information about the UPK program and opportunities to sign up for student screenings in June. Teacher and school assignments will be mailed separately during the summer, which will include  specific information about their classroom and supplies.  

Please notify Mason Medina at by Thursday June 6, to accept your program placement.  If open seats become available in the five-hour program due to parents declining, the next number(s) drawn will be contacted for that open seat, until all are filled.

More information about the UPK program can be found here.