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Colonie Community Connection

Colonie Community Connection, is more than just a job skills program.  The program aims to connect qualified Colonie students with community and business partners to give students a unique experience both in the classroom and in the business world. 


Education with a purpose

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for career exploration and to foster independence while establishing relationships in the community.  Trained Job Coaches are available to support the worker and the employer to ensure maximum learning.  Students typically intern four days per week for one and a half hours per day.  Additionally, students will complete a portfolio of their work experiences for the purposes of establishing a resume as well as strengthening financial literacy skills.


Colonie Community Connection Logo

Be our Partner

The district is currently accepting additional partners within Colonie Center to participate in the program.  Companies who are interested in partnering with the Colonie Community Connection program can contact William Boardman at


Beyond the Classroom

At Colonie Center Mall beyond the classroom space that opened in 2022 is where you can find students working to identify how and where their interests click and become immersed in a job program. 

Each student in the Colonie Community Connection work program participates in academic classroom activities and then applies the knowledge and skills learned to real world situations offered through internships at community partners’ respective businesses.

Students are currently placed with the following community partners including: Boscov’s, LL Bean, Sports Zone and PCX Apparel.

This important outreach, with support from community business partners, business leaders and advocates, helps to keep students engaged in being self-sufficient and successful in the workplace.




  • A: The duration of the internship is dependent on the success of the placement and the age of the intern. We will adjust placements each 10 week quarter if necessary.  All students are encouraged and expected to advocate for themselves when discussing pros and cons of a work site.  

  • A: Interns are scheduled to work when school is in session.  If an employer desires to keep an intern for additional hours, we would encourage them to hire the intern.

  • A: The job coach’s primary role is to help the intern work toward independence on the job.  This can include modeling, teaching and developing the subtle social skills necessary for success in the workplace.  

  • A: The classroom in the mall is located on the first floor just inside the theater entrance.  It is on the right hand side between the GNC and AT&T Mobile stores. 

  • A: The students in this program are covered under the school district’s liability insurance.  If the individual is hired, he/she would be covered under the employer’s insurance, as with any other paid employee.

  • The coach will stay until the teacher, employer and the intern are comfortable with the coach fading.  “Fading” is the process by which the job coach allows the intern to obtain increasingly greater independence and gain expertise.

  • A: The intern and the job coach will go through the same training and orientation procedures as any other new hire, to ensure they are set up for success in the assigned job.

  • A: Someone will notify the employer in the event of illness or school closing.  Interns who have been hired into paid employment are expected to follow company policies.

  • A: Interns will be evaluated daily by their job coach where specific skill sets will be assessed and progress monitored.