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Four Pillars

The video series below highlights South Colonie’s four pillars: Academics, Wellness, Character, and Community. 

Learn how these guiding principles play a key role in shaping our South Colonie students —now and into the future. A talented staff of some 500 teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and more are dedicated to making these initiatives come to life.


South Colonie academics are more than just what happens by the book. It involves creativity,  building connections with students, and providing inspiration time and time again. It’s about meeting students no matter where they are. 




Wellness is about educating the whole child. When schools support social and emotional well being, students focus more on school work, develop better communication skills, and are better prepared for life after school. 



Character means going above and beyond what is expected in order to connect with your school community. It means dedication and commitment to students and families. It means showing up and being innovative.


Community building is at the heart of our learning efforts. Whether it is Toys for Tots during the holiday season, food drives, or partnerships with area businesses, our school community shows up for one another.