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Concussion Information

The Concussion Management and Awareness Act

  • Requires coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and athletic trainers to complete courses related to recognizing the symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury, and monitoring and seeking proper medical treatment for pupils who suffer one;
  • Requires the Department of Education to post its information on their websites related to mild traumatic brain injuries;
  • Requires schools to include information regarding mild traumatic braining injuries in an permission form for participation in any interscholastic sport, and on their websites;
  • Requires the immediate removal from athletic activities of any pupil “believed to have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, and;
  • Authorizes each school district to establish a concussion management team.

Board Policy 5410

The Board of Education of the South Colonie Central School District recognizes that concussions and head injuries are the most commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sports and recreational activities. Therefore, the District has  policy and guidelines to assist in the proper evaluation and management of head injuries. 

Link to policy section of the website.