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South Colonie Central School District Diversity and Inclusion Committee,  was developed in 2018 to address the needs of creating an inclusive workplace for South Colonie employees.  In the 2020-21 school year, the committee changed its name to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee with an expanded focus on enhancing the overall school environment, addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity across the district. 



The committee meets quarterly to support efforts that enhance equitable access to resources and opportunities for all.


DEI Committee Members

Parents/Community Members

  • Racquel Cunningham- South Colonie Parent (FP)
  • Victoria Jackson- South Colonie Parent (SW/LK/CCHS)
  • Sha-netta Willis- South Colonie Parent (LK)
  • Laquita Love-Okopodu- South Colonie Parent (SR, CCHS)
  • Christa Grant- South Colonie Parent (SC/SR) 
  • Amy Rudat - South Colonie Parent (children are alumni) and community member
  • Keshana Owens-Cody - South Colonie Parent / PTSA Member  (CCHS)

District Administrators

  • David Perry, Superintendent of Schools (DO)
  • Tim Backus, Asst. Supt. for Instruction (DO)
  • Christopher Robilotti, Asst. Supt. for HR/Safe Schools (DO)
  • William Boardman, Supervisor of Special Programs and South Colonie Parent (PPS/SR/SC/CCHS)
  • Tom Kachadurian, HS Principal (CCHS)
  • Marybeth Tedisco, Elementary Principal (RV)
  • Melissa Judge - South Colonie Parent / Assistant Principal (CCHS)
  • Stacey Wranesh - Elementary Principal (SW)


  • James Haertel- HS Music Teacher (CCHS)
  • April Mlambi- ENL Teacher and South Colonie Parent (SC/CCHS)
  • Sekani Masambo- School Psychologist (SW)
  • Zach Forbes- School Social Worker (CA)
  • Jennifer Satin- HS Sped Teacher and South Colonie Parent (CCHS)
  • Linda Kennedy- Secretary 1 (LK)
  • Kim DonVito- Teaching Assistant and South Colonie Parent (LK)
  • Shanell Brown- School Counselor (LK)
  • Robert Stranahan - South Colonie Teacher (CCHS)
  • Jessica Lafex - South Colonie Teacher (LK)

Board of Education Members

  • Michael Keane