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The South Colonie Central School district runs an average of 80 buses each day – each traveling about 15,000 miles a year. Approximately 4,800 public school students and a variety of private and parochial students ride South Colonie buses daily. Parent/students are encouraged to check ASPEN for their bus information. Bus routes are constantly changing and the most up-to-date information is available there.




South Colonie Transportation Department
2 Winston Place, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: (518) 869-8527
Fax: (833) 843-9389

Director of Transportation
Brian Sim


Late Bus

Late bus run maps are posted in the respective schools showing late bus coverage areas. Late bus routes cover the entire attendance zone with far fewer buses than the regular arrival/dismissal. Student drop off locations may be much further from home than their regular bus stop. Students may not ride the late bus without a pass..


School Closings/Delays

Any changes to a school day and/or where students will receive instruction will be communicated through the district’s mass notification system ParentSquare. If your child is registered in the school district, you will receive a notification to the contact information that we have on file. The message will also be posted to the school district’s website and shared on the websites of local media outlets. As a reminder, information on school closings and delays will not be shared through the district’s social media channels.

In the event of delay, all bus schedules (regardless of school) will be delayed for example. In the event of 2 hr delay, your bus will arrive approx. 2 hours later than your regularly scheduled pick up time. 


Bus Policies

Large items on school buses

For the safety of all occupants being transported on district school buses, it is necessary to have guidelines and restrictions on the sizes of items that students may bring on school buses. The following information is intended to provide guidance for planning the transportation of these items on school buses.

  • Athletic equipment, musical instruments and other objects larger than 36 inches (length) by 12 inches (width) by eight inches (depth) will not be transported on school buses. This includes skis, ski poles, sleds, skate boards, bicycles, fishing poles or large school projects.
  • Hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks must be placed behind the driver’s seat while being transported. Baseball bats must be stored in a suitable bag no larger than the size listed above, and must be in the student’s lap or on the floor between their legs.

Using Electronics Equipment on the Bus

Many students use electronic devices as part of their daily lives. iPods, tablets, handheld games, portable radios etc., are fun to use and often can make the ride to and from school more enjoyable. Unfortunately, misuse of these items can be detrimental to the safety and well-being of other students and bus drivers. Therefore, the Transportation Department will enforce the following bus rules pertaining to electronic devices on buses:

  • The school district will not be held responsible for the loss/theft of portable electronic devices that are lost on school buses.
  • iPods, tablets, MP3 Players etc. may be used on school buses only if equipped with headphones, and if the volume is maintained at a level that does not disrupt other students or the driver.
  • Cell phones and cameras are not allowed to be used on school buses unless in an emergency when immediate communication is necessary and with permission of the bus driver. Cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks while traveling on district vehicles.
  • Laser pointers are not allowed to be used on school buses at any time.
  • Any electronic devices that are misused may be confiscated by the drivers and returned to the students when they depart the bus. If a student continues to violate these rules, the device may be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian.

Transportation Requests

Non-Public School Busing Requests

The deadline for requests for bus service to non-public schools and other special requests is Friday, April 1.

Non-Public School Busing Request Online Form

Before and After School Daycare Pickup/Dropoff Request Forms

This online form must be completed each school year for each child in a family, and again during the school year if the situation changes. Annual deadline for submissions for a new school year is July 31.

Before/After School Daycare Pickup/Dropoff Online Request Form

School Bus Stop Transportation/Appeal Requests

Parents/guardiansmay request a review of their chid’s current bus stop by completing the form below. The bus stop review committee will evaluate your request and notify you via email of the decision. 

School Bus Stop Review Transportation/Appeal Request Form