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The South Colonie Special Education PTA or SEPTA is a special PTA unit chartered in 2009 to help parents advocate for children with special needs. Special Education provides a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for children who require differentiated programs and/or special services beyond what is typically provided by the general education school program. 


South Colonie SEPTA Logo


2023-24 SEPTA

SEPTA Officers

Emiley Purvis

Vice President
Lauren Moore

Rosalynn Smith

Jason Purvis


SEPTA is a unit organized for those interested in the issues of educating gifted and special needs children. The SEPTA unit meetings are held in the Sand Creek Middle School library. For a schedule please view the website’s Google calendar.

We invite every parent, guardian, teacher, administrator, staff member and community member to join us and become a member of our unit.