Registering a New Student

South Colonie Central School district provides a tuition-free education for school-aged children residing in the District. Because a residency determination cannot be made without the information on the below registration checklist, please come to your appointment with all of the requested information. If you are unable to obtain the necessary documents, you can still register your child and will be granted three days to collect the information necessary to determine your status as a district resident. Call South Colonie’s registrar at (518) 869-3576 to make an appointment today.

Registering Your Child

To register your child to attend school in the South Colonie Central School District you will need the following. Please review the registration checklist.

You may now preregister your child online before coming into the office using Family Connections (see link below), but a student registration does not become active until the parent/guardian meets with the District Registrar to go over the paperwork.

If you are unable to access any of these forms, please call (518) 869-3576 for assistance

Other Registration Documents

Residency Requirement

All students must be residents of the South Colonie Central School District. Any student found in violation of the district’s Residency Policy will be dismissed immediately from the district.  If you know of a family who may be in violation of the residency policy, please call the ANONYMOUS Residency Tipline at (518) 869-3576.

Have You Moved?

If you have moved to a new address within the district please submit to the District Registrar a Change of address form, residency questionnaire form, and proof of new address. Form can be found above.

Private, Parochial and Charter School Registration

Students who reside in South Colonie Central School District, but are enrolled in private, parochial or charter schools should register with the school district. Along with the registration form, please provide proof of residency, the child’s birth certificate, and proof of custody, if applicable. Form can be found above.

Foster Care Point of Contact

In accordance with New York State regulations, school districts are required to appoint a Foster Care Point of Contact. South Colonie’s Foster Care Point of Contact is the District Registrar (518) 869-3576.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act

The South Colonie Central School District is dedicated to helping ensure our students’ education is not disrupted due to loss of housing, economic hardship or disaster. If you have concerns regarding homelessness, contact the district’s McKinney-Vento Liaison, the District Registrar, DeNeen Bogdanowicz at (518) 869-3576 or by email at

McKinney-Vento Program Intake Form