Technology Empowering Students for the Future

Technology is important for South Colonie because it does the following:

  • Digital learning motivates and empowers students by personalizing and actively engaging them in learning. Technology-infused learning is not passive, as when done properly, it encourages students to collaborate in the creation and sharing of knowledge.
  • Technology facilitates asynchronous learning beyond the brick and mortar school building. It expands the range of learning opportunities and curriculum resources for students and does so outside of the traditional school day.  
  • Technology increases teacher and administrative efficiency by providing tools that encourage data-driven instruction and enable early interventions.
  • Technology creates information and knowledge producers, not just consumers.  Users are able to research and publish their work, allowing them to interact with content specialist from around the world.  
  • Technology presents the end-user with tools to access and manipulate information, synthesize concepts and communicate ideas in a wide variety of mediums.
  • The appropriate use of technology prepares students as 21st-century information workers and helps them to meet global workforce standards.  As noted in the U.S. Department of Labor’s SCANS report, technology is an integral aspect of most future occupations.
  • Augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality enables student discovery and exploration of alternative learning paths through software simulations. These simulations provide the opportunity to explore new concepts and environments without the time, cost or danger associated with many real-world situations.