Information Technology

Supervisors of Instructional Technology & Innovation

Dr. David Perry and James Lovett

The district Information Technology Department is responsible for overseeing and implementing the district’s computer hardware, software and electronic networking systems; the long-range technology plan, the South Colonie and New York State Data Warehouse system to improve business, personnel and instructional functions; the Wide Area Network, virtualized server and Electronic Document Management Service; employee and student tech support, Internet and email security, and initiatives for integrating technology into the curriculum to improve student achievement.

Technology Vision for Education

The use of technology in the South Colonie Central School District is meant to transform education and improve student performance, as envisioned in the New York State Learning Standards.

A Technology Plan was developed for this district out of the strong belief, supported by research, that technology can significantly enhance the learning environment, increase staff productivity, and improve the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, technology is seen as a critical component for the preparation of our students. Our Technology Plan defines the vision and objectives for moving students forward into the 21st century.

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The use of technology tools in the district is focused on the development of higher level analyses, evaluation, communications, presentation and decision-making skills. Software tools and software applications are selected based on the need to increase student learning within and across the subject areas in order to prepare students for their future in the 21st century.

Technology is also important as a means of changing teaching and learning in order to prepare students with the 21st century skills they need to be successful. This technology-based learning will expand the opportunities available for students to interact with, to understand and to change their world.

Technology Empowering Students for the Future

Technology motivates and empowers students because it gets them actively engaged in learning. Technology-enhanced learning is not passive learning. Rather, technology involves the use of tools (such as word processing, graphics, presentation software databases, and the Internet) to interact with others, both students and adults, to create knowledge and to share knowledge.