Colonie Athletics Hall of Fame

red and yellow C letterThe Colonie Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to recognize graduates, staff/faculty, and community members who have achieved significant accomplishments and will provide current students with positive role models in their own lives. Each spring, the Board of Education Athletics Hall of Fame Committee seeks nominations for induction into the Colonie Central High School Athletics Hall of Fame in the categories below. 



An athlete may be eligible for nomination into the Colonie Central High School Athletics Hall of Fame seven (7) years after that individual has graduated from Colonie Central High School.


A team may be eligible for nomination into the Colonie Central High School Athletics Hall of Fame ten (10) years following the noted accomplishment of that team.


A Colonie Central High School coach may be eligible after being retired from coaching at least three (3) years.

Athletic Contributor

An eligible nominee for the Athletic Contributor category is an individual or group who has helped to develop and foster the growth of athletics in the Colonie Central High School athletic community. Any Colonie Central High School athlete, coach, community member or group who has had a significant impact on the athletic community may be eligible for nomination. 


The Legacy category is open to any individual, team or coach who participated in athletics prior to the consolidation of the South Colonie Central School District in 1953. 

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Forms

The nominations are reviewed each school year by the Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Committee, which determines the inductees who will be included in the Hall of Fame class in October. Completed Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Forms must be submitted to the South Colonie Athletic Director for consideration.

Nomination forms for our Athletic Hall of Fame are now open.  Deadline for submission is Friday, March 3. Print versions of these forms are also available by contacting William Roemer

Please note that all nominations are active for three years, meaning that applications are considered by the committee each year during that three-year period.  After the three-year period, those not selected are then placed on an inactive list and eligible for renomination.  

Hall of Fame Inductees by Induction Year

Read more about all of our Colonie Athletics Hall of Fame inductees here. Members are listed in the order of the year they were inducted. The full list of members to date is listed below along with their year of graduation from CCHS.

Inducted in 2022

  • 2001 Girls Basketball Team
  • Karen Bonitatibus
  • Scott Chambers
  • Lexi DiLello (Brannigan)
  • Noel Gebauer
  • Jeff Green
  • John Gregg
  • Len Muhlich
  • Jim Sheehan

Inducted in 2021

  • Frank Myers, 1963
  • Don Myers, 1967
  • Don Mion, 1970
  • Leo Carignan, 1961
  • Harold ‘Pep’ Sand, 1947
  • David A. Gamble, 1989
  • Paul Gansle, 1960

Inducted in 2020

  • Barry Brown, 1962
  • Michele Karangwa (Blot), 2002
  • Caitlin Cucchiella (Colfer), 2005
  • 1999 Girls XC Team, 1999
  • Dennis Foley, 1994
  • Paul Gerstenberger, 2005
  • Matt Stenglein, 2001
  • Arthur Hutton,  1940

Inducted in 2019 (Hall of Fame Inaugural Year)

  • Chuck Campagna, 1973
  • Kim Corbitt, 2001
  • Eric Emerick, 1982
  • Kyle Plante, 2012
  • Katie Twarog Moulton, 2001