Art Department Overview

The South Colonie Art program is based on the knowledge that art is a significant part of a student’s life and is an essential part of their education. Art is fundamental to human growth and provides students with intellectual, creative, and emotional experiences that connect them to a common core of knowledge. Art serves as a tool for building self- confidence through personal expression and communication. Art provides invaluable opportunities for students to use their imagination and problem solve using their own creativity. Art allows a forum for expression of the human spirit and validation of feelings in studying, creating and responding to art. Art education will heighten an appreciation for visual literacy and the challenges of creative self-expression needed in the 21st century.

New York State Educational Learning Standards for Art

The New York State Education Department has established learning standards for Art denoting the skills and abilities each student should attain at various levels of his or her education – elementary, middle and high school levels.

The Arts Learning Standards

South Colonie Art Department Curriculum

All students in grades K-4 participate in art classes for one 40-minute period each week. The district’s goal is to provide the skills needed for each student to create and participate in the arts. Students will acquire the artistic skills needed to visually express and communicate their personal experiences. The display of student artwork is an integral component to the elementary program. Through their participation in the elementary art program, students will:

    • personalize their work and recognize the uniqueness of the work of others
    • properly use and select the appropriate materials and tools to produce their intended results
    • discuss and evaluate their work and the work of other artists based on their knowledge of art and personal opinion
    • become motivated to produce independent artwork specifically for the joy of expressing their ideas artistically

The goal of the Middle School Art program is to present students with art experiences based on national, New York State and South Colonie Standards.

Middle School Art Curriculum

High school students must complete 1 unit in the Arts – (this includes music, theater, and/or visual arts) to complete the New York State’s requirements for earning a Regents or an Advanced Regents diploma. Students who plan to study Architecture or Graphic Design as a career usually need a portfolio for college. Recommended courses that develop that portfolio are Studio and Advanced Studio in Drawing and Painting, and Studio in Drawing I and II. Student who are interested in a career in the Education field should consider taking Art/Special Education Internship, Crafts, Mixed Media and Crafts, Fabric and Fibers. Students who plan to go into the field of Art should take Foundations in Art, Studio and Advanced Studio in Drawing and Painting, HVCC Art History, Directed Studio and a variety of art electives. College bound non-art students should considering taking the HVCC Art History course to fulfill general education requirements that most colleges have.