Health/Physical Education

Welcome to the Health/Physical Education Department. We hope that this site will help you better understand our programs and course selections. For more information contact you child’s school or Counseling Center.

NYS Educational Learning Standards for Health/Physical Education

The New York State Education Department has established learning standards for Health/Physical Education denoting the skills and abilities each student should attain at various levels of his or her education—elementary, middle and high school levels.

South Colonie Health/Physical Education Department Curriculum

Elementary Health/Physical Education

Health Education

The elementary health education program offers K-4 students the opportunity to develop healthy lifestyles that continue into adulthood. Health education is offered once per week for a 40-minute block of time.

Comprehensive health education topics include feelings, the human body, disease, nutrition, safety, and drug education. The Health Education curriculum is sequential, building each year upon the curriculum of the previous year.

Physical Education

The physical education program at the elementary level offers a variety of physical activities—games, sports, exercises and skills— related to each fitness component. In each class students are encouraged to improve in areas of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and agility. In conjunction with these activities, students are expected to develop and demonstrate group cooperation, fair play, sportsmanship and respect, accepting the differences in others’ physical abilities and skill levels. Physical Education is offered to students in K-4 grades.

Middle School Health/Physical Education

The goal of the Middle School Health/Physical Education program is to present students with Health/Physical Education experiences based on National, New York State and South Colonie Standards.

High School Health/Physical Education

High school students must complete 1/2 unit of Health and 2 units of Physical Education to complete the New York State’s requirements for earning a Regents or an Advanced Regents diploma.