How You Can Help Your Young Musician Succeed

The South Colonie Music Department would like to give your children an opportunity that will provide lifelong pleasure if properly nurtured. All children in our school district can enjoy making instrumental music starting in elementary school.

The road to success is a long one in which your continued support, as parents, is vital. Although beginners are usually fascinated with all the trappings of playing an instrument, this initial energy is sometimes difficult to sustain. As enlightened parents you should be prepared the moment the novelty wears off.

As the children practice their music skills through careful repetition and routine, they can’t always recognize their improvement. Children need positive feedback from their teachers and family or they may become discouraged. Learning an instrument isn’t a club or activity that is strictly for fun. It’s also a serious discipline like math, English, or science, and the rewards are just as great. Being supportive can give your child the confidence and motivation necessary to work hard toward achieving their goals.

Music is everywhere in our society. With the flick of a switch, anyone can turn on a radio, TV, or stereo and have unlimited music – but this can never replace the joy of making your own live music. We wish your children the best and hope they can – with your help – keep their enthusiasm alive during many years of sharing the joy of music.

Tips for Helping Your Child Success in Music

  • Help students remember to bring their instrument to school on lesson and rehearsal days.
  • Sit down with your child to review the family schedule and determine practice times for each day.
  • Provide a quiet, undisturbed spot for practice. Other children in the family should not be allowed to disturb the practice period.
  • Purchase a music stand for a birthday or a holiday gift if you have not already done so.
  • Take time to listen to your child perform. Ask your child to explain the lesson to you. After students have learned to read music notes, ask your child to name the notes by the letter names and count the rhythms out loud with numbers.
  • Encourage your child to be creative with the instrument: make some sounds with your instrument that will amuse the baby; play some sounds on your instrument to show feelings like sadness, silliness, anger, etc.
  • Listen to musical shows on PBS and FM radio. Purchase recordings of classical music. Attend concerts.