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Well-known throughout the Capital District for its exemplary and innovative educational programs, the South Colonie Central School District is dedicated to preparing students to meet the demands of New York State exams and Regents diplomas. But more importantly, the district is dedicated to educating the “whole child” and preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives. South Colonie offers a Pre-K-12 program designed to promote the academic and personal development of all students. 

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to align with the learning standards set forth by the New York State Education Department. These standards delineate the essential skills and competencies that every student should achieve at different stages of their education, including elementary, middle, and high school levels.

You can explore the full set of New York State Education Department Learning Standards here. 


Report Cards and Interim Reports

South Colonie Schools distributes report cards four times per year for the elementary, middle and high school levels as well as interim reports four times per year for middle and high school students. They are posted on Aspen, the district’s student/parent portal. Posting dates are listed on the website Google calendar.

Aspen Portal


State Testing

The New York State Education Department mandates that all public school districts give state tests in English language arts, math and science to all students in grades 3-8. In addition, all fifth- and eighth-graders must take a state social studies test. High School students in New York State are required to pass five Regents exams in order to graduate: in English, Math, U.S. History & Government, Global History, and one science subject area.


NYS School Report Cards

The New York State Education Department releases School Report Cards on every public school and district in the state. Based on some key assessments taken by students in New York public schools, the report cards provide achievement data on districts and schools, as compared to their past years’ performances and to other similar schools.

View the Latest New York State School Report Card for South Colonie.


Full-Day Kindergarten Program

South Colonie Schools has been offering full-day kindergarten in all five elementary schools since the fall of 2009, providing the early start which is so critical for long term academic excellence. The New York State Board of Regents believes that requiring children to start school sooner and spend more time in school will help to improve overall student achievement. The strategy is to intervene early and give all students a solid head start toward early literacy. Educational research shows that early intervention such as preschool and full day kindergarten can make a significant difference in how well children perform later on in school.


Graduation Requirements & Data


Special Programs and Services

The district understands that children do not develop or learn at the same rate and is committed to providing every child with a quality educational experience. The South Colonie Central School District provides individualized instruction, accommodation of alternative learning styles, appreciation for diversity and promotion of healthy lifestyles. With this in mind, the district has developed and will continue to develop specialized programs and services that assist and support children in meeting their highest potential. For more on South Colonie special programs, contact the Office of Pupil Services at (518) 869-6759.

South Colonie Office of Special Education Web Page.