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South Colonie shares budget exit survey responses

Posted Date: 06/05/2024

South Colonie shares budget exit survey responses

The South Colonie Central School District conducted an exit survey during its annual school budget vote on Tuesday, May 21. The purpose was to gather demographic data about the voters and understand their reasons for supporting or opposing the budget.

The survey was both voluntary and anonymous, available in both paper and digital formats at the polling sites for voters to fill out after voting. 

While the results do not reflect the views of all voters, they do provide insight into the perceptions of many residents regarding the district and its proposed budget. Of the 1,152 residents who voted on South Colonie’s budget for the 2025-26 school year, 378 completed an exit survey, resulting in a response rate of 32.81%.

For a detailed look at the survey results, excluding open-ended responses, you can access the full results here. More information on the South Colonie Budget can be found here.