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75th Anniversary

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1949, South Colonie Central School District has become a cornerstone of the community, nurturing generations of learners and leaders. Throughout its history, the district has remained committed to offering a comprehensive education that fosters academic achievement, personal growth, and the development of essential life skills.


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Proudly Colonie Events
The 75th anniversary of South Colonie will be a year-long celebration, packed with exciting events and activities for students, families, alumni, and community members to enjoy. The district has planned a diverse range of festivities that honor its rich heritage and demonstrate its continued dedication to educational excellence. 

Alumni Gatherings
Reconnect with former classmates and educators at special alumni reunions and networking events. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to reminisce, share success stories and continue to foster lifelong connections.

Community Engagement
South Colonie Schools recognizes the importance of community involvement in shaping the educational experience. Throughout the year, the district will organize initiatives that encourage community members to participate in various school events and volunteer opportunities.

Student Highlights
Showcase the talents and achievements of South Colonie’s current students through academic competitions, artistic performances, science fairs, and sporting events. These events will highlight the exceptional abilities of the district’s young learners and inspire the future generations of Colonie.


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Supporting Future Generations
As South Colonie Central School District celebrates it 75th Anniversary. It aims to foster a culture of giving back and supporting future generations of Colonie graduates. The district welcomes the involvement of community members and alumni who wish to contibrute to its mission of providing educational opportunities for all. 

Scholarship Program
Contribute to the alumni scholarship fund through our partner South Colonie Dollars for Scholars which assists graduating seniors in pursuing higher education. Your generous donations can make a significant impact on the lives of deserving students, empowering them to achieve their academic and career goals.

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Preserving Memories

South Colonie Schools recognizes the importance of preserving and sharing the cherished memories of alumni, educators, and community members. Throughout the 75th anniversary celebrations, the district will provide platforms and opportunities for individuals to share their stories, photographs, and memorabilia. By collecting and documenting these valuable memories, South Colonie Schools aims to create a lasting legacy that will inspire future generations. 

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Stay updated on all the upcoming events and initiatives by visiting the official South Colonie Schools website and following our social media channels.