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Hall of Fame

Block CThe Colonie Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to recognize graduates, staff/faculty, and community members who have achieved significant accomplishments and will provide current students with positive role models in their own lives. Each spring, the Board of Education Athletics Hall of Fame Committee seeks nominations for induction into the Colonie Central High School Athletics Hall of Fame in the categories below. 


Hall of Fame Class of 2023


Kyle Brown - Athlete, (2000) Baseball

Kyle Brown's baseball journey includes standout performances at Colonie High School and Le Moyne College, where he earned multiple accolades and set records for stolen bases. Following a stint with the New York Mets, he transitioned to coaching, guiding teams to the D3 College Baseball World Series. Currently, he holds multiple leadership roles at the Town of Webb Union Free School District in Old Forge, NY.

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Brian O’Keefe - Athlete, (2011) Baseball

In 2011, Brian O’Keefe showcased exceptional baseball skills with a .561 batting average, 12 doubles, four home runs, and 35 RBIs. He earned Second Team All-State honors and played a key role in Colonie's 18-2 record, setting a program record. Continuing his success at St. Joseph’s University, he garnered Atlantic 10 All-Conference Second Team honors. Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2014, he made his MLB debut with the Seattle Mariners in 2022, becoming the sole Colonie High player to achieve this milestone.

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Paul Mason - Athlete, (1972) Basketball, Football, Track

Paul Mason excelled in basketball, football, and track at Colonie High, leading the basketball team to victory in the 1970-71 season with a 21-1 record and 1,247 career points. His athletic versatility extended to outdoor track and football. At George Mason University, he continued to shine in basketball, leaving a lasting impact.

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1970-71 Boys Basketball Team

During the 1970-71 season, Colonie High's Boys Basketball team achieved an undefeated 21-0 record, winning the Class AA Championship 82-60 against Troy High, a historic first in Section 2. Led by Coach Pep Sand, they secured seven consecutive Suburban Council titles. Despite a loss to Mont Pleasant High, they ranked 7th in New York State. The roster included players like Paul Mason, under the guidance of coaches Sand, Marcus, and Austin.

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Barbara Leicht-Bowers - Coach/Teacher, Boys and Girls Bowling

Barbara Leicht-Bowers, an esteemed educator and coach in South Colonie School District, left a lasting legacy with her dedication to teaching and bowling. She guided high school teams to multiple Section 2 Bowling Championships and coached players who earned bowling scholarships. A professional bowler herself, she won prestigious tournaments and was inducted into the NY State Women’s Bowling Association’s Hall of Fame in 1989.

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Hall of Fame Inductees by Year

Members are listed in the order of the year they were inducted. The full list of members to date is listed below along with their year of graduation from CCHS.


    • 2001 Girls Basketball Team
    • Karen Bonitatibus
    • Scott Chambers
    • Lexi DiLello (Brannigan)
    • Noel Gebauer
    • Jeff Green
    • John Gregg
    • Len Muhlich
    • Jim Sheehan
    • Frank Myers, 1963
    • Don Myers, 1967
    • Don Mion, 1970
    • Leo Carignan, 1961
    • Harold ‘Pep’ Sand, 1947
    • David A. Gamble, 1989
    • Paul Gansle, 1960
    • Barry Brown, 1962
    • Michele Karangwa (Blot), 2002
    • Caitlin Cucchiella (Colfer), 2005
    • 1999 Girls XC Team, 1999
    • Dennis Foley, 1994
    • Paul Gerstenberger, 2005
    • Matt Stenglein, 2001
    • Arthur Hutton,  1940
    • Chuck Campagna, 1973
    • Kim Corbitt, 2001
    • Eric Emerick, 1982
    • Kyle Plante, 2012
    • Katie Twarog Moulton, 2001