• 23 South Colonie senior athletes signed their National Letter of Intent or commitment letter to play sports at the collegiate level.

Department Information

South Colonie recognizes the profound value of student engagement in sports, as it enriches their educational journey with a diverse range of experiences and opportunities. Consequently, the district extends an array of options to students, encompassing over 20 different sports spread across three distinct seasons. As an active member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, South Colonie competes at the Class AA level within Section II. Furthermore, the district maintains its league affiliation with the Suburban Scholastic Council, fostering a vibrant sports community within its educational framework.

Suburban Scholastic Council Sportsmanship Code

In the belief that good sportsmanship on the part of spectators at high school athletic contest is as important as good sportsmanship on the part of athletes, the following guides for conduct are suggested as a means of continuing and strengthening the ties that exist between competing schools.

Basic Philosophy

Visiting team members, students and adult spectators are guests to be accorded all the courtesy and consideration that a friendly, well-mannered and well-intentioned host would normally give. The visitors, in turn, are to act as invited guests, using the home school’s facilities with care and respecting the rules and customs of the home school.

It is expected that all spectators and participants will follow this code: Athletic opponents and officials are guests and should be treated as such. Spectators should watch the game from those areas designated by each school as spectator areas. It shall be the responsibility of authorized school personnel attending games, either at home or away, to make sure students from their school conduct themselves appropriately.

Officials are the proper authorities to make decisions regarding rules and their interpretation; these decisions should be accepted. Cheering should be in support of either team and should not be directed toward creating unfriendly rivalries among athletes or fans. Any spectator who evidences poor sportsmanship will be requested to leave and may be denied admission to future contests.

Spectators, athletes and coaches must recognize that their conduct plays an important role in establishing the reputation of their schools and that their positive actions can relate directly to the success of their teams.

National Athletic Association Training Safety Resources

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association strives to provide valuable resources for the public. These infographic handouts, originally published in the NATA News, are available online in PDF form for parents to download. The Colonie Central High School Athletic Department encourages you to utilize these resources to educate yourself and your family on various injuries and illnesses common to sports medicine. Although all topics are important, we would like to draw your attention to six topics which we feel to be of special consideration: Concussion Environmental Cold Injuries, Heat Illness, Lightning Safety, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Weight Management. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact: William Roemer, Athletic Director (518) 459-1220, ext. 1014 or Aimee Brunelle, ATC, Athletic Trainer (518) 459-1220, ext. 1375.

NATA Infographic Safety Information 

Scholastic Council Policy: Guidelines for Signs, Banners, and Flags

The visiting school community is a guest of the host school, therefore, you are asked to be respectful of their school property and policies. The placement of any school banner, booster club, parent or student sign; banner or flag from the visiting school is restricted to the designated visitor’s area only. School personnel from the visiting team would be responsible for the removal of inappropriately placed signs, banners, flags, etc.

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