Wygant is Shaker Road Principal for the Day

smiling girl sits in a big chairShaker Road Elementary School has been so lucky to have wonderful fill-in principals many times. Wednesday was no different as Luna Wygant took her turn as Principal for the Day.

Ms. Wygant, a first grader in Mrs. Sillings’ classroom, brought sunshine into an otherwise gray day. She needed no prompts or directions to demonstrate that she was leading the building today as she spoke in positive tones to students and staff alike.  Brightly dressed and full of bounce, this bubbly, warm and friendly child showed up the every-other-day principal all day long.

Ms. Wygant endured the mundane tasks that attend the position with great charm.  She visited every classroom and brought a ton of fun everywhere she went.  She endured numerous requests regarding salaries, time on task, extra recess and free lunch with grace.  She presided over an executive lunch with friends that was the social event of the season. In summary, she had a great day.

It is easy to conclude that Ms. Wygant’s principalship was a great benefit to Shaker Road. It will be too long before we have a chance to follow her lead again.  Luna has returned to Mrs. Sillings’ classroom to look forward to more chicks being born, more words and numbers being used to express her brilliance, the upcoming Field Day and of course…summer! Thank you, Luna!