Veeder Community Helps Children in Africa and Peru

The Veeder Elementary School community last spring worked to collect spare change and donated it to “Change for Children” to help school children in Africa and Peru.

Veeder students held lemonade stands, scoured parents’ pockets and did odd jobs around their homes while Veeder adults supported the children in these efforts and offered the change from their own change jars. Together, they collected nearly $500 in just three weeks! The donation was shared between Ninos del Sol in Peru and The Dow Children’s Home in Kenya.

Mrs. O’Neill and Mrs. DiBernardo, reading teachers at Veeder, each visited one of the homes and made donations on behalf of the Veeder community. Continue to read to learn more about how the Veeder “Change for Children” donations enriched the lives of children on two different continents.

The Dow Children’s Home (Kenya) … How did the Veeder donation help?

With the Veeder donation, a group of 10 children were able to enjoy a four day camping trip to Lake Navaisha. They hiked, went fishing and enjoyed a boat ride. It was very exciting to see monkeys, giraffes, hippos, antelopes and many unusual birds in their natural habitat. Each evening at dinner time the children were entertained by a group of monkeys who tried to join the evening meal! This trip would not have been possible without the help of our Veeder Community. Thank you, Veeder!