Veeder ‘100 Items For HATAS’ Campaign a Huge Success

two women stand in front of a pile of boxesVeeder Elementary School’s “100 Items for HATAS” campaign was a huge success!

HATAS, the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society of Albany, is committed to reducing, combating, and preventing homelessness within the Capital Region and beyond. During the campaign, each Veeder class did an outstanding job collecting items that would make someone’s life easier. Those items, which filled  18 boxes, were delivered to HATAS in February. HATAS staff was overwhelmed by our generosity and didn’t know where to put all the stuff. Here is the breakdown of what Veeder collected:

  • Kindergarten: 124 boxes of Jello
  • First grade: 165 bars of soap
  • Second grade: 305 toothbrushes
  • Third grade: 184 rolls of toilet paper
  • Fourth grade: 92 cans of soup

Thank you for supporting Veeder Shines and encouraging these simple acts of kindness among your students.