UPK program delivers promise for tomorrow’s students

A student at Saddlewood Elementary is enjoying his first week of the UPK program.
A student at Saddlewood Elementary is enjoying his first week of the UPK program.

The South Colonie Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program continues to deliver quality educational resources as students enter a school environment for the first time. The district coordinates programs and services to enable students and their families to make the first-time school experience seamless. The program, which has been offered by the district for several decades creates a positive classroom experience complete with an extensive curriculum specifically developed for students entering their formative school years.

“As a district, we are fortunate to offer a comprehensive UPK curriculum to not only engage our students but to also create a positive environment that fosters learning and excitement,” said South Colonie Director of Special Programs William Boardman. “We look forward to our students’ progression as they begin to develop the skills necessary to be successful in today’s classroom.”

More about the UPK Program at South Colonie

The South Colonie Central School District operates a New York State grant-funded Universal Pre-Kindergarten program at Saddlewood and Roessleville elementary schools. Children are chosen for the program through a random lottery held in the spring of the previous school year. All parents must register their students for the lottery to be eligible for UPK. 

UPK programs play an important role in the development of students’ ability to build social skills, while adopting the habits necessary to be effective learners. More information about the South Colonie  UPK program can be found here.