UPK Fall 2022 Parent Information

Parents of UPK students who have been enrolled for the fall are welcome to watch the informational presentation that was created by UPK teachers and staff. The presentation addresses the typical “day in the life” of a UPK student and features Frequently Asked Questions to help support the transition for your child. Parents are welcome to call or email us with any additional questions.

Students will receive their school and session assignments in early July.  Please continue to check the district website for additional updates and information. 

Parent Presentation

View a copy of the presentation here. 

More Information about South Colonie Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program

Program Information Webpage:


Pupil Services at Lisha Kill Middle School 

Ph: 518-869-6759
Fax: 518-869-0573

    • Supervisor of Special Programs: William Boardman
    • UPK Administrative Assistant: Janice Johnson
    • Committee on Preschool Special Education: Melissa Willman

Roessleville Elementary                                                              

Ph: 518 459-2157                     
Fax: 518 459-0268

    • Teachers: Alicia Brinkman and  Erin Govel
    • Teacher Assistants: Lori Brooks and Nancy Sunkes
    • Nurse:   Judy Devaney
    • Principal: Marybeth Tedisco

Saddlewood Program

Ph: 518-456-2608
Fax: 518-862-0271

    • Teachers: Susan Kelly and Jennifer Nugent
    • Teacher Assistants:   Michelle Steadman and Kathy Kowalski
    • Nurse: Maribeth Dooley
    • Principal: Stacey Wranesh-Roberts