Third episode featured in senior spotlight podcast provides insight on enjoying your time as a high school student

two females pose for a photo with
Podcast host Amanda Nusbaum poses for a photo with Senior Spotlight guest Naomi Kayemba.

In this next episode of the Senior Spotlight Mini Podcast Series we feature senior Naomi Kayemba being interviewed by CCHS senior and district communications intern Amanda Nusbaum. This podcast series introduces a handful of senior students to find out more about their life at CCHS. From their favorite teacher, to the best lunch item on the menu and more, we get to hear the inside scoop. Through their time at Colonie they have learned what keeps them on track, makes them successful and are excited about what is on the horizon after graduation.

Listeners will have the opportunity to hear how the classes Kayemba has taken since her freshman year influenced her decision to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant. It’s clear that her educational journey at Colonie High School has played a significant role in shaping her future path.

Throughout her high school years, Kayemba has formed unforgettable connections with her teachers and fellow students. These relationships have been instrumental in her growth and development. Although her journey to becoming a physician’s assistant is just beginning, the knowledge she has acquired at Colonie will undoubtedly support her throughout her educational career.

This episode promises to be enjoyable for many listeners. It offers insights into Kayemba’s aspirations, her experiences at Colonie High School, and her excitement for what lies ahead after graduation. Listen now for an inspiring conversation with Naomi Kayemba in this edition of the Senior Spotlight Mini Podcast Series!