The Cultural Legacy of Lacrosse: A Conversation with Rex Lyons

man speaks to students in a classroom setting. he is holding a lacrosse stick.
Rex Lyons shares his story with CCHS students.

Colonie Central High School welcomed former world class professional lacrosse player and coach, Rex Lyons to the classroom this week. Lyons shared his personal story with students highlighting the significant cultural and spiritual connection he has with lacrosse.

“We wanted to bring Rex Lyons to our school because of his unique story,” said associate principal Melissa Judge. “Not only does it align with our DEI initiatives but we believe that learning from someone as passionate and knowledgeable as him can inspire our students to appreciate the deeper significance of sports and how they can contribute to building a stronger, more united community.”

Lyons was on the original Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team (now Haudenosaunee Nationals). He  currently serves on the Haudenosaunee Nationals Board of Directors and is president of the Haudenosaunee Nationals Development Group, a non-profit organization he co-founded. 

When sharing with the students, he spoke about how lacrosse is an extension of who he is and his culture. ¨Lacrosse is our gift to the world…When you’re holding the stick you’re holding the past, present and future.¨ He went on to further explain that the community formed from the game and its generational importance which is a sentiment he hopes to pass down to his grandchildren.

In addition to his personal connection to the game, Lyon discussed how lacrosse teaches students the value of hard work, dedication and commitment. “The team environment makes kids grow together and work together,” he said.  “To give back and make a difference.” 

Lyons concluded his presentation while sharing his knowledge and love for the sport of lacrosse. Not only did he share the essence of the sport but also imparted a timeless message of unity, commitment and community-building leaving a lasting message for students.  “My hope is for all of us to look away from our phones once in a while and see we are in charge of making a difference not only for ourselves but for the larger community.”