Teacher Appreciation Week at South Colonie

Picture of a sidewalk art that says  "We love our teachers. Colonie. Sand Creek"
Sand Creek PTA members and families write sweet messages for teachers with sidewalk chalk in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

The National PTA has designated May 3-7, 2021, as Teacher Appreciation Week and South Colonie Board of Education President Rose Gigliello, believes teachers should be appreciated now more than ever.

“We have heard over and over again about the difficulty parents have had figuring out how to teach their children at home, teachers teaching in a remote/hybrid format, and the concerns of teaching face to face during the height of the pandemic, “ said Gigliello. “I think these last 14 months have shown over and over, the dedication and the work our teachers do each day to support our students and families.” 

As shared in a written message earlier today, Gigliello acknowledged the work of the teachers while also shedding light on the challenges that many have faced both personally and professionally this year.

“I am proud of how you have all risen to the occasion to continue to provide the best possible educational experience for your students and support to families. This week, we acknowledge your work and we thank you for your continued dedication when you enter the classrooms each and every day,” she wrote.

While the in-person celebrations continue to be limited, South Colonie PTA groups also continue to share the love for our teachers through meaningful ways this week.

Pictures of students using chalk in the parking lot
Sand Creek PTA organizes a group to create sweet sidewalk chalk messages to thank the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7, 2021.

Sand Creek PTA members kicked off a weeklong celebration for their teachers with sweet sidewalk chalk messages and a grab & go style breakfast for teachers. Other PTAs have surprises planned throughout the week.

“Probably more so than ever, across America right now, we have families who are saying they certainly appreciate the teachers and what they do,” Gigliello said. “This morning we released our third video in our Four Pillars series that highlights character at South Colonie.  We know stories like this are happening each day and we are proud to highlight these stories and share them with our school community.”

About Teacher Appreciation Week

Since 1984, National PTA has designated one week in May as a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children.  South Colonie school community is invited to share the love for their teachers in the following ways:

    • Email or share heartfelt letters, cards, and messages of appreciation
    • Create artwork, poems and video messages to celebrate your teachers
    • Send your teacher a virtual award
    • On Thursday, upload a #TBT of you and your favorite teacher and thank them using #ThankATeacher.