Summer construction continues at South Colonie; Work concludes last phase of capital 2020 project

As approved by the South Colonie community in the fall of 2017, the South Colonie Central School District continues working toward accomplishing planned facility and grounds improvements as part of Phase IV 2020 Capital Project. 

Phase IV 2020 Capital Project includes $5 million in capital project work. Below is a complete list of projects that are currently in progress or recently completed. The work is a combination of critical maintenance items, high priority safety initiatives, and facility improvements.

Phase IV update by location

aerial shot of construction vehicles at the high school.
New sidewalks and bus loop to improve accessibility and drop-off congestion are being installed at CCHS.

Colonie Central High School 

    • Roof replacement over technology wing
    • New sidewalks and bus loop to improve accessibility and drop-off congestion
    • Auditorium rigging and front house lighting and aesthetic upgrades (on-going expected to be completed by December 2022)

Sand Creek

    • New technology classroom and lab  (on-going expected to be completed by end of  November 2022)


    • Chimney repair 

Other Capital work

Lisha Kill 

    • Electrical transformer and switchgear replacement to power the building safely (completed).

In addition to completing the Phase IV capital improvements for the South Colonie Capital Project 2020, many in-house projects are currently in progress or recently completed. 

New grass and irrigation system at the Colonie Central High School Baseball Field
New grass and irrigation system was installed in Summer 2022 at Colonie Central High School Baseball Field.

These projects include bathroom renovations in the high school,  new grass baseball and softball infield and irrigation system, painting, AC replacements and air filtration upgrades at Lisha Kill, blacktop repairs and enhancements at Veeder Elementary,  new exterior cameras at every school, and new cafeteria furniture throughout the district. 

Other upcoming planned work includes new or upgraded playground equipment at all elementary schools (to be completed by Spring 2023).

Planning for the Next Generation

Just like a home, school facilities need regular attention and upkeep to continue to operate year after year as originally intended. The New York State Department of Education requires school districts to inspect its property regularly and maintain a five-year capital improvement plan. Capital improvement projects are a way for school districts to complete more substantial facilities work, including upgrades, renovations and replacements as compared to regular maintenance. As such, beginning in the spring 2021, the District Facilities Committee met to study the district’s best options for protecting the community’s long-term investment in the school facilities, and to propose projects that would ultimately improve students’ education and safety.  In addition to the need for modernized learning spaces to address the aging educational, athletic, and program spaces, the committee identified the needs to include a new transportation and district office facility, projects to address health, safety and infrastructure work across the district, and support building security and technology infrastructure updates.

The board of education is expected to approve a final project scope at the August 30 meeting for a vote to be presented to the community on Tuesday, October 18. 

To learn more about the Next Generation Capital Project Referendum residents are invited to attend the public hearing on Monday, Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. at Saddlewood Elementary School and visit the district’s website here