Students wrap up week-long journey of science experiments at Camp Invention®

Students listening to instruction while at their desks
Camp Invention® wrapped up its week- long journey on Friday July 8, signifying an end to a week of fun experiments and crafts which were inspired by National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. The camp’s curriculum changes every year to keep activities fun and fresh for our students. This year we explored themes such as space exploration and deep sea diving.

This year Camp Invention® hosted by Sand Creek Middle school, saw its fair share of science and sun! Children entering grades K-6 participated in hands-on activities inspired by National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees.

Student smiles with their project
Camp Invention camper proudly shows off her work.

Every year the Camp Invention curriculum changes, keeping activities fresh and fun. This year’s activities, led by experienced local educators, allowed students to explore the vast reaches of space and the deepest depths of the oceans alongside their peers. South Colonie was able to offer this opportunity to 240 South Colonie students through federal funding provided by the American Rescue Plan learning loss grant. 

Our students crafted astronaut backpacks, space mazes, and were able to explore a myriad of sea critters and their symbiotic relationships. As our little astronauts and explorers say goodbye to camp; we know this is not the end of their learning journey, and are excited to watch them continue to learn and grow along with us next year!