Students recognized during South Colonie board meeting

South Colonie School District recently recognized and celebrated the achievements of several outstanding students during its May 30 board meeting. The students recognized have excelled in various fields, including theater, problem-solving competitions and eSports. Their hard work, dedication, and talent have brought pride and honor to the district. Let’s take a closer look at these exceptional students and their accomplishments.

Line ‘N Cue

Line 'N Cue group of students stands together for a photo in the library
Line ‘N Cue

Line ‘n Cue, the high school theater group, participated in the High School Musical Theatre Awards organized by Proctors. Their production of “The Addams Family” received significant recognition. The crew received a nomination for Best Set Design, while John Malagrida was nominated as Best Actor for his portrayal of Gomez Addams. Moreover, Line ‘n Cue was among the nine schools out of 22 that were nominated for Best Musical. John Malagrida and Nora Mooney represented Line ‘n Cue at the awards ceremony and had the honor of performing the opening number, “When You’re an Addams,” to a sold-out audience at Proctors. It was a night to remember for everyone involved, and being nominated was truly an honor.

The cast and crew of “The Addams Family” worked together as a cohesive team to create a stellar production. They entertained large audiences and even performed at the district’s middle schools. This talented group of seniors included Sidney Abel, Amber Elk, John Malagrida, Emma Anderson, Yaniris Estrada, Ava Mantei, Caely Arden, Aaron Giboyeaux, Esther Miller, Nia Banks, Ethan Graham, Nora Mooney, Giana Bautista, Ella Irons, Ashley Pechulis, McKenzie David, Sierra Kaleel, Angelica Sarmiento, Antonia Delaney, Sony Kaleel, Destiny Schanz, Josie Diodato, Madelyn Kitonyi, Luke Vandenburgh, Michael Egan, and Hailey Lotz. Their dedication and passion for the arts were evident in their exceptional performances.

Rounding out the cast and tech and production crews include these underclassmen: Arelis Achata, Quinn Maguire, Rachael Robilotti, Cadence Banks, Grace Manuyag, Ameilia Sapienza, Emma Bosselman, Alyssa Molnar, Angela Sarmiento, Julianne Brizell, Val Monington, Amelia Sawyer, Taylor Brooks, Savannah Miller, Veronica Scaringe, Cassidy Carpenter, Keyna Mostachetti, Kris Schwarz, Shantavia Craft, Erin Munrett, Danica Silva, Javier Curet, Gabriella Murphy, Hannah Slater, Jessica Dunn, Emily Murray, Franklin Stenta, Phoenix Eagle, Audry Oberg, Alexa Taleporo, Luca Eddings, Olivia O’Donnell, Julia Tinio, Cameron Froelich, Jules Oropallo, Zofia Tinio, Kalea Graves, Adriana Pape, Danielle Tran, Matthew Houlihan, Tessa Pekrol, Elizabeth Tran, Eliza Irons, Cecilia Perry, Ana Vaz, Keira Hughes, Conner Ploof, Marina Warzocha, Neala Hughes, Tess Pollacek, Delaney Wickham, Lauren Kelly, Kai Poon, Maelyn Yang, Maria Longe, Gracie Redmond, Katelin Luu, and Chyna Richburg.

Veeder Elementary’s Odyssey of the Mind Team

Odyssey of the Mind Veeder Elementary team stands with teacher representative
Odyssey of the Mind Veeder Elementary team

Veeder Elementary’s Odyssey of the Mind Team also received recognition during the board meeting. The team, consisting of fourth-grade students, won first place in the regional competition. This victory allowed them to advance to the New York State Finals competition in Syracuse, where they competed against schools from across the state. The team’s hard work paid off as they secured a place in the top 10. For four and a half months, these talented students practiced twice weekly, even during vacation weeks. They wrote their own script and designed original props, costumes, and set backdrops. Led by Veeder Librarian Sarah Pendergast the members of the team included Sara Callaghan, Victoria Loaknuth, Elizabeth Chan, Rylan Schnapp, Anthony Cherubino and Caliana Young.


Two boys posing for a photo in a library
KidWind 2 Dominators

In the field of renewable energy, South Colonie students excelled in the KidWind Challenge. This hands-on design celebration focuses on wind, hydro, and solar energy. “The 2 Dominators,” a seventh-grade team, showcased their talent and expertise at the competition held in Boulder, Colorado. Out of 82 student teams from 18 U.S. states and Mexico, “The 2 Dominators” were crowned National Champions. Their dedication to learning and understanding alternative energy sources is commendable. The members of the seventh-grade team were Abel Renjith and Yubraj Yadav.


eSports team and teacher stand for a photo
eSports team

South Colonie’s eSports team has seen significant growth since its inception in the 2021-22 academic year. Not only have they grown in numbers, but they have also demonstrated exceptional competitive prowess. For two consecutive years, the team has achieved an impressive 4th place ranking in state competitions, surpassing numerous other schools and establishing themselves as a formidable force in the eSports arena. The team’s dedication and commitment have allowed them to develop their skills and compete at a high level.Beyond the accolades and accomplishments, our eSports team has also fostered a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among its members. Through collaborative practice sessions, strategic planning, and effective communication, our students have learned valuable life skills that extend far beyond the realm of gaming. 

Congratulations to the following students: Alexander Ashley, Alexander Mantei, Luke Tarbay, Logan Bachman, Jason Mauro, Richard Van Ness, Brent Filkins, Brandon Mehleisen, Tavares Young, David Gambacorta, Julia Oropallo, Nick Roselli, Matthew Houlihan, Dylan Rogerson, Tess Pollacek, Jonathan Lasher, and Lukasz Siuba.