Students Participate in Annual ENL Library Night

large group of students mingle around the library

English as a New Language (ENL) students from Shaker Road Elementary and Saddlewood Elementary schools participated in the annual ENL Library Night in October. Students enjoyed a fun story time and learned about balance at the William K. Sanford Colonie Town Library.

They then engaged in fun activities such as trying to balance apples to make a tower, attempting to balance a plate and ball on their heads while walking, keeping their balance as they navigated an obstacle course and balancing a paper cutout on a straw using paperclips.

Children were given a behind the scenes tour of the library and were able to see what the children’s section of the library had to offer. Parents were also given a tour of the adult section of the library and were provided valuable information regarding the resources available to them.

An important part of the evening was providing parents with the opportunity to get library cards for themselves and their children. The children who were new to the library were very excited to begin taking out books! There was a nice turnout for the event which hosted about 20 families. 

The evening was a success and we wish to thank the Colonie Town Library for its continued support in helping South Colonie put on such a fun and engaging program for our students and families each year.