Students get hands-on teaching experience in the Each One Teach One program

Each One Teach One (EOTO) is a one-semester class for juniors and seniors interested in exploring the field of education. Students first learn the essential elements of teaching, planning and preparation. Then, they head to elementary buildings to introduce our younger students to World Languages and cultures.

EOTO students
EOTO students with the projects they created.

Junior Olivia Tsyn has thoroughly enjoyed her time in the program. “Taking EOTO has been such a valuable experience for me. If you are considering teaching as a career, or just want to try working with kids, I highly recommend taking this class! I love being in the classroom with my students,” she said. 

Students with their projects
Students with their project Olivia Tsyn planned.

Whether EOTO students want to pursue a career in education or to expand their experiences to make decisions about their future, this course is a valuable way for students to learn about teaching and about themselves. 

Taking this class gave senior Catherine Rowan a new appreciation for teachers. “Taking this class has really shown me how much time and effort it takes to be a teacher. It’s so much fun to see your ideas come to life in the classroom, and having the kids enjoy it,” Rowan said.

Rachael Rose's class
Students doing Rachael Rose’s project.