Staff Orientation: Helping teachers become leaders in the school community

New staff join together in library
The District welcomed 26 new instructional staff during orientation the week of August 9.

During the week of August 9,  the South Colonie School District led 26 new instructional staff through a model program aimed at developing meaningful discussion and reflection, while reviewing the district’s expectations as they pertain to its Vision, Mission, and Goal Achievement Statements. 

The series of development initiatives, specifically designed to introduce new staff to the South Colonie community, reviewed items ranging from the balance of academics and support/wellness for our students to the importance of bringing your best every day to your students and colleagues; along with key instructional and technology support information.  

“During this time, it’s important that we deliver a comprehensive and informational orientation to our new instructional staff,” said Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Safe Schools Mr. Robilotti. “Our instructional staff plays an important role in the development and success of our students in today’s classroom. By providing this orientation, we are able to reinforce the expectations of our school community as it relates to the overall experience and development of our students.”

The orientation also provided opportunities for community members to share their experience in acclimating the new staff. Board of Education President Rose Gigliello welcomed the staff on behalf of the Board and was joined by Deputy Superintendent Mr. Backus who addressed the Board’s progress with the district’s Vision, Mission, and Goal Achievement Statements. In addition, staff and faculty members added presentations and workshops to illustrate the departments and pathways that the district implements for our school community.