South Colonie’s Stacey Sebert presented at The Long-Term Ecological Research All Scientists meeting

Stacey Sebert, an educator at Sand Creek and Colonie High, was one of five science educators who presented at The Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) All Scientists meeting in Pacific Grove, California. Over 600 scientists from all over the world attended the conference. These educators are trying to bridge the gap between scientists and their research and K-12 students by creating lessons using near real-time data from the scientists they work with. 

Teachers and students benefit from these lessons by gaining insight into how science is conducted outside the classroom. They gain confidence in their scientific research and show students possible career paths in the field. Scientists benefit from this partnership by having their research reach a larger audience and therefore having a broader impact and gaining insight into K-12 education.

Sebert is currently working with scientists at Toolik Field Station in Alaska on two different projects, studying permafrost thaw depth as it pertains to climate change, and looking at ecological succession after a tundra fire due to lightning strikes. She has been working remotely with the scientists over the last couple of years but will have the opportunity to conduct field research in Toolik over the next two summers.

Teachers at the Long-Term Ecological Research All Scientists meeting
Sebert and her fellow educators