South Colonie voters approve two propositions; $112.5 million Next Generation Capital Project and additional $7.5 million EPC

On Oct. 18, voters in the South Colonie Central School District approved two capital project propositions that together will result in more than $120 million in improvements across the district.

Vote results are as follows:

Proposition #1

Proposition #1 includes a $112.5 million dollar capital project referendum to address aging infrastructure, improve instructional spaces, and provide essential safety upgrades districtwide. Project to include instructional space enhancements including auditoriums and athletics, a new transportation facility, and district office expansion to meet current operating needs.
Yes – 1151 / No – 408  (74% in favor)

Proposition #2

Proposition 2 includes a $7.5 million dollar debt neutral proposition for the South Colonie to receive an additional 10% building aid on an energy performance contract (EPC) to improve energy efficiencies in all buildings. The cost of the EPC is offset in energy saving costs and would have no additional tax impact to residents.
Yes – 1234/ No –  323  (79% in favor)

“We are grateful for the community’s support of this Capital Project,” said Superintendent Dr. David Perry. “This investment into our facilities will not only improve the educational experience for our students and faculty but will propel the district forward for our next generation of learners.”

The next step is more detailed design work so that the project can be submitted to the State Education Department for approval. The current timeline calls for the improvements to be completed in phases from 2024 to 2028.

“The Board of Education would like to thank all our residents who turned out in support of this capital improvement plan,” said Board President Brian Casey. “Thank you to our district leadership and staff for their efforts in building this strategic capital spending plan. And, thank you to our district facilities committee and community members who worked collaboratively on the plan to provide necessary improvements to support our students now and into the next generation.”

Details on the Next Generation Capital Project can be found here: