South Colonie to launch alumni news series

Beginning in December, the South Colonie Central School District will introduce a new web series to feature district alumni. The featured series will offer in-depth Q&A, storytelling and article features, while keeping you up-to-date on past students, faculty and staff. From athletic triumphs, professional and personal successes to special achievements and leadership recognition, we’ll have it covered.

It’s with your trust that we will be able to collect and tell the story of our alumni for our South Colonie community. From Pre-K to high school we are shaping minds to become the next generation of civic leaders, business owners, quality and high-skilled workers and thoughtful citizens that will keep our community going strong.

At South Colonie, we’re not just proud of our current students but our alumni as well. If you know of a former student(s) who are accomplishing great things academically, professionally or is making an impact in the community – – we want to know! Please submit or nominate an alum or share your ideas and suggestions to the Communications Office at