South Colonie shares 2022 budget exit survey responses

The South Colonie Central School District conducted an exit survey during its annual school budget vote on Tuesday, May 17. The purpose was to collect demographic data about who voted on the budget and information about why voters voted the way they did. 

The survey was voluntary and anonymous. Paper and digital surveys were made available  to voters at the polling sites for anyone who chose to fill one out after voting. A digital copy was also made available on the district website for convenience until Friday, May 20.

While these results do not represent the opinions of all voters, they do provide many residents’ perceptions about the district and its proposed budget.  Of the 1836 residents who voted on South Colonie’s budget for the 2022-23 school year, 475 chose to complete an exit survey—a response rate of 25.87%. 

Here is a link to the full results, not including open-ended responses.

More information on the South Colonie Budget can be found here.