South Colonie set to celebrate Athletic Excellence tonight, Friday, Oct. 6

The South Colonie Central School District is gearing up for a day of celebration as it prepares to induct the Colonie Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2023 during its annual Homecoming festivities. This year’s induction holds a special significance as it occurs amidst the backdrop of the school district’s 75-year legacy.

The celebration is scheduled to take place on Homecoming night tonight, Friday, Oct. 6 at Colonie Central High School. Starting at 5 p.m. the community will come together to honor the exceptional athletes, coaches, and contributors who have left an indelible mark on Colonie’s sports history. The following are set to be inducted into this year’s class (Name, HOF Category, Graduation Year, Sport):

    • Kyle Brown – Athlete, (2000) Baseball
    • Brian O’Keefe – Athlete, (2011) Baseball
    • Barbara Leicht-Bowers – Teacher/Coach, Boys and Girls Bowling
    • Paul Mason – Athlete, (1972) Basketball, Football, Track
    • 1970-1971 Boys Basketball Team

“We are immensely proud of the achievements of our athletes and the spirit they have brought and continue to bring to our school community,” said South Colonie Athletic Director Bill Roemer.  “This Hall of Fame induction is not just about acknowledging past accomplishments; it’s about inspiring current and future generations to push boundaries and embrace competition and sportsmanship.”

The ceremony promises to be a moving tribute, showcasing the extraordinary feats and dedication of the Class of 2023 inductees. Their accomplishments, both on and off the field, serve as a testament to South Colonie’s sports legacy.  

Link to Program: Read all about our 2023 inductees here. 

Adding to the festivities, the Homecoming game will kick off at 7 p.m., providing an exciting atmosphere for attendees to support Colonie as they face Ballston Spa.  A unique feature of this year’s Homecoming celebration is the invitation extended to alumni. Graduates of Colonie Central High School from various graduating years are welcomed to join in a special track walk alongside current students. This walk, arranged by Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Executive Clubs in collaboration with iCARE and CHAMP, will foster a bridge between generations, symbolizing the legacy that bonds Colonie alumni.

“Inviting our alumni to walk the track is a representation of the deep connections that exist within the Colonie community,” said Colonie principal Thomas Kachadurian. “It’s a chance for alumni to relive cherished memories while offering inspiration to the next generation of students.”

As South Colonie celebrates its 75th-year legacy, the Colonie Athletic Hall of Fame induction and Homecoming Day serve as a cornerstone of pride and unity. The community’s commitment to fostering excellence in athletics continues to shine, reflecting a tradition that spans generations.