South Colonie School District makes notable progress towards Vision 2025 

South Colonie School District announced today progress towards achieving its Vision 2025 goals. The strategic plan, which was unveiled last year focuses on the district’s four pillars of academics, wellness, character, and community.

screen shot of Vision 2025 slide
Vision 2025 slide


Under the guidance of the district’s dedicated educators, South Colonie has made commendable strides in the area of academics. The Vision 2025 plan has successfully placed students at the heart of every decision leading to expanded opportunities for learning, including college and career explorations, internships, and a wide array of rigorous courses. 

During its opening day celebration on Tuesday, Sept. 5, Superintendent Perry proudly announced that 421 Advanced Placement (AP) exams were taken across 11 AP courses, a testament to its commitment to preparing students for the future. Additionally, a significant $112.5 million investment in facilities supported by the Colonie community with plans to break ground in Spring 2024 will transform learning environments to meet the needs of 21st-century learners.


Cultivating total health has remained a cornerstone of South Colonie’s transformative journey. The district has not only recognized but also actively addressed the importance of physical, social, and emotional well-being for both students and staff. 

A primary focus has been the expansion of mental health support services to ensure that crucial resources are readily available to those in need. South Colonie recognizes the importance of emotional well-being, not just for its students but also for its dedicated staff members.

In celebration of the unwavering dedication of the school staff, South Colonie has organized a series of employee recognition events. These include tenure receptions and staff picnics, which serve as heartfelt expressions of gratitude towards the individuals who form the backbone of the South Colonie community.

Adding a new dimension to its wellness initiatives, South Colonie is proud to announce the launch of a new Educator’s Assistance Program (EAP) with enhanced benefits available in the 2023-24 school year. This program is designed to provide comprehensive support to staff members, recognizing that their well-being is fundamental to the success of the district as a whole. Through the new EAP, staff will have access to a range of resources and services aimed at promoting their physical, social, and emotional health.

The wellness category also includes safety training and emergency preparedness. This summer the district held its first  Emergency Action Plan (EAP) practice night. This event showcased the collaborative endeavors of local organizations, coaches and event staff, exemplifying their proficiency in managing athlete medical emergencies. More about this event can be found here.


Fostering core ethical values has remained a central focus for South Colonie. Social emotional learning programs like Second Step for students K-7 have been expanded, while initiatives like iCARE and SMART have continued to provide additional opportunities for student leadership and character development. More about the SMART program can be found here.


One remarkable symbol of South Colonie’s unity and dedication to its goals surrounding Community is Charlie’s Playground. Last year, the community rallied together, led by teachers Sarah Norton and Courtney Aperance, raising over $100,000 to build a playground that will bring joy to generations of children. This project is emblematic of what can be achieved when a community comes together with a shared vision.

The district has also maintained its commitment to building strong community partnerships, hosting events such as Back to School Picnics, Student Orientations with plans on the horizon for Homecoming, and the Hall of Fame. The ongoing plans for the district’s 75th-anniversary celebrations are also a testament to the strength of the community spirit, bringing generations together to reflect on the past while envisioning a brighter future.

South Colonie’s remarkable progress in these pivotal areas serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to the Vision 2025 Plan. However, as the district proudly launches its 75th anniversary celebration, it acknowledges that there is still much work ahead. With the continued collaboration and dedication of our staff, students, and community, South Colonie remains steadfast in its pursuit of crafting an inspiring and nurturing educational environment that equips students for success in academics, wellness, character development, and life beyond the classroom.

More information about the district’s 75th Anniversary events and activities can be found here: