South Colonie School District Launches “75 Acts of Kindness for 75 Years” Campaign to Celebrate Anniversary

The South Colonie School District is embarking on a journey of compassion and goodwill as it celebrates its 75th anniversary. In an initiative aimed at spreading kindness throughout the community, the district has unveiled the “75 Acts of Kindness for 75 Years” campaign, set to kick off on the first day of the school year, Sept. 7, 2023.

With a rich history of educational excellence and community spirit, the South Colonie School District is now adding an inspiring chapter to its legacy by fostering a culture of kindness that resonates far beyond the classroom walls.

The campaign, conceived to honor the district’s 75 year legacy, is an invitation for students, teachers, parents, and community members to collectively engage in acts of kindness that make a positive impact. The campaign’s design is strategic – focusing on simple acts that collectively create a substantial positive change.

“More than celebrating the passage of time, this campaign is about celebrating the power of kindness that unites us all,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry.  “Our building level activities committee led by Sand Creek principal Michael Marohn developed this idea with the  aim to inspire not only our students but the entire community to embrace the beauty of giving back.”

South Colonie’s commitment to the campaign is echoed in its curriculum. 

“Community is one of our four pillars,” Perry added. “From having the opportunity for students to support the larger community through activities like our Toys for Tots campaign or iCare students at the high school raising money year round for a cause, community involvement and support is at the heart of what we do.”

Community members can also join the cause, pledging to participate and share their own acts of kindness using the campaign’s official hashtag,  #ProudlyColonie75Acts or by emailing photos to

As the school year unfolds, South Colonie is set to showcase the impact of these acts through regular updates, demonstrating the positive change that arises from collective kindness.

For more information on our 75th Anniversary and related activities please visit  For suggestions and ideas on daily act of kindness, please view our Kindness Calendar here

Embrace Kindness: 10 Sample Suggestions

  • Ask someone how they are feeling today.
  • Tell a friend why you are proud of them.
  • Listen to someone and offer encouragement.
  • Validate someone’s feelings.
  • Use positive self- talk today.
  • Apologize to someone.
  • Offer to help a classmate or teacher.
  • Forgive a mistake.
  • Say thank you to a custodian.
  • Leave a kind post-it in a library book.