South Colonie School Administrators Part of School Safety Panel Discussion

Two South Colonie administrators joined members of law enforcement, other school administrators, the mental health community and municipal leaders to at special forum entitled “Keeping our Kids Safe: Life after Parkland, FL.”

Forest Park Elementary School Principal Jill Penn and Colonie Central High School Associate Principal Thomas Kachadurian were part of a panel discussion that explored the critical issues of safety in our schools. The answer is not simply locking the doors and more metal detectors but the challenges and pressures on our leaders to address mental health challenges, see the early warning signs and be able to provide the appropriate counseling.

The discussion was co-sponsored by Albany County and the University at Albany. It was held March 9 at the University at Albany’s Campus Center Boardroom. It was moderated by Dr. Kim Young Wilkins, Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and School Reform, NYS Education Department. The goal of this event was to offer conversation that would identify ways to improve our current systems and minimize the fear students now face while attending school.

a long table with panelists sitting at it