South Colonie Names Thomas Kachadurian Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

headshot of Thomas Kachadurian
Thomas Kachadurian named Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, South Colonie Board of Education announced the appointment of Thomas Kachadurian as the next Assistant Superintendent for Instruction effective July 1, 2024.  This decision comes in the wake of the forthcoming retirement of Timothy Backus who is slated to retire at the close of the current school year.

Kachadurian brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having dedicated eight years as the associate principal at Colonie Central High School (CCHS) and the last four years as the executive principal. During his tenure in building administration, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership overseeing a high school program that serves nearly 1600 students. His responsibilities included managing day-to-day operations, collaborative development of the course curriculum guide including expansion of the career and counseling program, and implementing improvements to student scheduling.

Not only has Kachadurian excelled in his administrative roles, he has also been actively engaged with parents, families and fellow educators. His visible presence within the school community contributed to a positive and collaborative environment. Moreover, Kachadurian played a pivotal role in enhancing teacher understanding of curriculum and resources.

“We are pleased to welcome Mr. Kachadurian as assistant superintendent for instruction,” said Brian Casey, board of education president. “During his time at the high school, he has showcased an exceptional understanding of instructional dynamics and has worked to create meaningful educational opportunities and pathways for students. As he steps into his new role, we look forward to his impactful contributions in fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment for all students in the South Colonie district. “His time at the high school has been marked by an exceptional grasp of instructional dynamics, coupled with a dedicated effort to craft meaningful educational opportunities and pathways for students. Stepping into this new role, we are eager to witness his profound contributions in cultivating a dynamic and enriching learning environment for all students in the South Colonie district.”

In addition to his roles and responsibilities as principal, Kachadurian has served on multiple committees at both the building and district level and has displayed leadership in various capacities most notable for the creation of a local, state, and nationally recognized character education team: iCARE.

“I am truly honored and excited about the opportunity to serve as the next assistant superintendent for instruction,” said Kachadurian. “Having spent many meaningful years at Colonie Central High School, I’ve witnessed the incredible dedication of our students, families and educators. Stepping into this new capacity allows me to focus on curriculum development and instructional strategies, fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment districtwide. I am excited to contribute to the refinement and enhancement of our curriculum, ensuring it aligns with the educational goals and success of our students on a broader scale.”

In the upcoming weeks, South Colonie will initiate the search for the next principal of Colonie Central High School. Internal and external candidates with an interest in and the skills for leading Colonie Central High School are encouraged to submit their applications.