South Colonie launches new podcast series highlighting seniors; Spotlights inside advice for younger students

two females sitting together with microphones in front of their faces
Podcast host Amanda Nusbaum poses for a photo with Senior Spotlight guest Caitlin Tully.

After being in the high school environment for almost four years, Colonie Central High School seniors have learned what keeps them on track, makes them successful and are excited about what is on the horizon after graduation.  Bottom line: these students have advice to give to younger students and want to share about their future plans.

In this podcast series, we sit down with a handful of senior students to find out more about their life at CCHS.  From their favorite teacher, to the best lunch item on the menu and more, we get to hear the inside scoop.

With the end of the school year right around the corner, this series will also highlight students and share information about what their plans are after they graduate.  Whether it is going to college, getting a job or finding their paththese students have put in ample amounts of work over the last four years and they deserve the spotlight. 

“We are excited to give them a platform for them to express themselves,” said superintendent of schools Dr. David Perry. “We love  highlighting their achievements, showcasing their determination and finding out more about the connections they’ve built here at Colonie.”

To kickoff this series CCHS senior and district communications intern Amanda Nusbaum sits down to talk with CCHS senior Caitlin Tully.

Tully plans on attending SUNY Fredonia this upcoming fall and plans on majoring in music education.  She has involved herself with various clubs and activities while in high school and hopes to stay involved in her community over the summer.

In this episode, Tully explains how she uses items like her planner to stay on task and keep up with assignments.  These small tips are what has helped her and she hopes other students will benefit as well.

This episode is a great start to the series and you don’t want to miss it!