South Colonie launches new podcast mini-series in honor of Women’s History Month; Tells unique stories of impact 

Women’s History Month is a national celebration of the achievements of accomplished and courageous women in history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the US during the month of March since 1987. 

In honor of this year’s theme “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” chosen by the National Women’s History Alliance, we are proud to highlight just a few of the incredible women who are making a difference at South Colonie by telling their unique stories. 

Up first in our mini-podcast series is Joan Arthurton, a special education teacher at the South Colonie Central School District

a female sitting in an office with a headset on in front of a microphone. The words South Colonie Central School District  hang behind her.
Joan Arthurton, South Colonie Central School District Special Education Teacher

Arthurton currently serves as a teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center in Albany where South Colonie Schools has partnered with Berkshire Farm Center to provide the daily educational experience for the youth residing there. 

Arthurton, along with her colleagues, work with the students to provide stability, support and an educational experience that aligns with a traditional classroom setting.

In this episode, Arthurtun shares insight into her work at the JDC, why she loves what she does, how she engages with her students on a daily basis and best practices for younger women on how to make an impact in the communities in which they work.

You don’t want to miss this episode!