South Colonie launches GIPHY library; GIFS available for Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

South Colonie is now on GIPHY! When sharing district-related news on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram stories you can search for South Colonie branded gifs in the sticker section within the apps.

View the step-by-step video below.

Go into the app, press the sticker icon, then press the GIF button and search: “South Colonie”, “Scolonie”, “Colonie”, ”Raiders”, “Scoloine *sport*”, “South Colonie music” and more!

You can find our library with the searchable tags here

This is a new project we are launching so our GIPHY library is only growing. If you would like to create your own South Colonie gifs – send them to Gifs of anything South Colonie are welcome. Clubs, teams, organizations or general raider pride.