South Colonie facility survey open for comment

The South Colonie Board of Education is responsible for naming any new facility.  The Board, in its discretion, may establish procedures for the naming of any building or other District facility.  

School buildings, rooms, and structures, both on school grounds and within school facilities, shall be named only by formal action of the Board of Education.  In naming schools, rooms, and structures, the Board shall honor the highest ideals and integrity of the District and the community it serves.  The Board may name a school building, room, or structure after an individual only when such individual has been determined to characterize sustained and exemplary service to others.  

In selecting a name for any facility, the Board may take into account those persons who have been involved in the planning, constructing or remodeling of the facility, or any other relevant considerations.  Suitable building plaques or other memorials must be authorized by the Board.  

No employee or officer of the Board of Education, student, community member, local, state, national, or international public figure, or other person will be considered for memorialization of a school building, room, or structure name during his/her lifetime.  An honoree shall have been deceased at least 12 months prior to being considered for such memorialization.  

The Board has received a request to memorialize the Varsity Football Field in the name of Michael Ambrosio.  Michael was a Physical Education Teacher for South Colonie Schools from 1985 to 2017.  He coached football for his entire career and was the Head Varsity coach from 1997-2011.  Michael had a very successful coaching career during his 14 years as the Head football coach; his team was 4x Section II finalists, Section II Champs in 1988, and won 12 of 14 Colonie Cups.  Michael was highly respected in Section II Football and remains the face of Colonie Football, known for his sense of values and integrity as a Coach, Teacher, and Mentor.  

South Colonie Policy 7500 states that once the Board of Education accepts the recommendation to proceed, the Board will provide a 30-day period during which the public may comment on the recommendation.  Please use the link below to comment on the request to memorialize the Varsity Football Field in the name of Michael Ambrosio.  

South Colonie Facility Survey

Following the public comment period, the Board will make a final decision regarding the request.  The Board has the sole discretion to determine whether the individual identified will be memorialized in a school building, room, or structure.