South Colonie Elementary Schools come together to celebrate International Day of Peace

students sit together on a rug holding up their peace signs
Students enjoyed celebrating world peace day!

 Our elementary schools took part in celebrating World Peace Day on Wednesday, Sept. 21 by attending a read-aloud of the book Can We Say Peace! Students in the district’s five elementary schools participated in individual assemblies geared towards opening a dialogue about what peace means. 

“It is important to teach students what it means to be peaceful and how to work together to create peaceful schools and communities where everyone feels welcome.” Says Roesselville Elementary Principal, Mrs. Tedisco. “We will continue these conversations in a safe and supportive environment with the hopes that it will inspire them to be peacemakers within our community.”

Each school had a unique way of celebrating World Peace Day and incorporated the intended message with their unique population in mind. Rossellville ended their peace day celebration by asking students to participate in a ‘mindful moment’ led by faculty members, where students learned how to create peace within themselves, as well as how to direct their peaceful thoughts outwards into the community. Veeder practiced acknowledging their peers in peaceful ways, demonstrating the power of calm and kind words. Forest Park held a virtual celebration within their community that aimed for inclusivity, and gave students the opportunity to practice peaceful online etiquette. Across all of our elementary schools, our faculty and staff took special care in ensuring that our students had all of the necessary tools to learn about what peace can mean for themselves, others, and their community as a whole.

Teachers and staff members participating in the Elementary DEI committee came together over the summer to discuss themes and age appropriate activities for the 2022-23 school year. This work aligns with the district’s commitment to becoming a more inclusive environment for students and faculty. 

Thank you to our administrators for making this possible!