South Colonie Educators Celebrate Tenure Achievements

Board of education members posing for a photo with tenured teachers.
South Colonie celebrates tenure achievements at Board of Education meeting on Sept. 12.

South Colonie Central School District Board of Education members recently recognized 19 South Colonie teachers at its meeting on Sept. 12. Marked by pride and appreciation, the district honored these teachers for achieving the highly regarded milestone of tenure.

“Tenure is a testament to the enduring dedication of these educators to our students and our school community,” said Board of Education President Brian Casey.  “It’s a symbol of their commitment to providing quality education and shaping the future leaders of our district.”

The following teachers were recognized for receiving  tenure at the meeting:

    • Katherine King, Lisha Kill Middle School
    • Kim Brizzell, Albany County Correctional Facility
    • Heather David, Sand Creek Middle School
    • Michael Morrissey, Sand Creek Middle School
    • Jessica Rippel, Colonie Central High School
    • Jessica Lensink, Saddlewood Elementary School
    • Taylor LaMarche, Colonie Central High School
    • Katie Rossettini, Colonie Central High School
    • Victoria Issacs, Colonie Central High School
    • Nicole Kozilsky, Sand Creek Middle School
    • Jasmina Bajraktarevic, Sand Creek Middle School
    • Dana Lautenschlager, Forest Park Elementary School
    • Judith Behrens, Saddlewood Elementary School
    • Patricia Ragule Sand Creek Middle School
    • Ryan Dougherty, Lisha Kill Middle School
    • William Rucinski, Jr., Colonie Central High School
    • Erynn Barber, Colonie Central High School
    • Jennifer Belinsky, Lisha Kill  Middle School 
    • Khaleda Shikder,  Lisha Kill  Middle School

Dr. Perry, Superintendent of Schools, emphasized the significance stating, “Tenure is not just a professional milestone; it’s a reflection of the passion, dedication, and impact these teachers have on our students’ lives. Their commitment to providing a quality education is truly commendable, and we are proud to have them as part of our South Colonie family.”

Teachers were presented with certificates of tenure to commemorate their achievement. The South Colonie Central School District looks forward to the continued contributions of these outstanding educators and their positive impact on future generations of students.