South Colonie drops second episode in Women’s History Month Podcast series; Highlights Lisha Kill’s Linda Kennedy

two people are sitting in an office space. a younger female is speakinginto a mic talking to an older female and they both have headphones on.
CCHS senior and South Colonie communications intern sits down with Lisha Kill’s Linda Kennedy to learn more about her role and how she creates a special environment for students at staff.

Women’s History Month is a national celebration of the achievements of accomplished and courageous women in history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the US during the month of March since 1987. 

In honor of this year’s theme “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” chosen by the National Women’s History Alliance, we are proud to highlight just a few of the incredible women who are making a difference at South Colonie by telling their unique stories. 

Up next in our mini-podcast series is Linda Kennedy, secretary to Lisha Kill Middle School Principal Dr. Tresansky.

Kennedy has been serving the South Colonie Central School District since 1994.  She has worked at Roessleville Elementary, Sand Creek Middle School and is now rounding out her career at Lisha Kill Middle School.

More than a building secretary, Kennedy has dedicated her time to making her Lisha Kill community a priority always creating a special environment for the students and often serves as party coordinator extraordinaire. 

two individuals pose for a photo. Both female. One younger  ( a high school student) and one older (close to retirement).
Amanda and Linda pose for a photo following their interview on Monday, March 20.

In this episode, Kennedy sits down with South Colonie CCHS senior and communications intern Amanda Nusbaum to have a conversation about her career and why she gives 100% to her colleagues, staff and students that she works with each and every day.

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