South Colonie District Office and Saddlewood Elementary precautionary lockout lifted

Shortly after noon on Tuesday, Feb.9 the South Colonie Central School District learned of police presence at the end of Loralee Drive in the area of both Saddlewood Elementary and the South Colonie District Office.

Saddlewood Elementary proactively went into a building lockdown until additional information was obtained by local law enforcement. Students and faculty were asked to remain in their classrooms until an update from law enforcement was received. The lockdown was then lifted and Saddlewood Elementary and the South Colonie District office were placed in a precautionary lockout until an investigation in the surrounding neighborhood was completed.

At approximately, 12:45 the precautionary lockout was lifted by local law enforcement.  Please note that there was no direct threat made to the District Office or Saddlewood Elementary nor did this impact any other South Colonie buildings or facilities. All students will be dismissed as regularly scheduled.